Dev Test Ops : Idea to Production in a Day!!

Oct 18, 2019




Advances in technology are enabling early and defect free releases into production. There is a lot of noise though around actual, practical and feasible implementation of ideas which float around Dev Ops. We have seen teams building up a DevOps pipeline for Continuous Delivery – Deployment just to align into organisation mandate or to follow Agile principles. One such line which many organizations are running after is “Idea to Production in a Day”.

My views in this approach will try and cover what best we can do as feature team members to implement certain Dev Ops best practices to reach closer to the wish of Idea to Production in a Day! The view will cover best practices in areas typically under Version Control, Code Quality, Code Coverage, Pipeline views (Blue Ocean), Automation packs, Deployment vs release into production. How an ideal Dev Ops pipeline should be built, how a test/quality engineer (as part of the feature team) can contribute to these areas and provide value.

  • TestCon 2019
    Ketan Joshi

    Deutsche Bank

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