Test Fast with Api and MicroServices Automation

Apr 2, 2019




During this talk, I will be talking about the different ways of testing and automating the microservices which would include testing of different components with contractual test, data-driven tests, Approval, and Assertion-Based tests.

The service validation on sampling caused a lot of issues to us, changing the business rule has impacted other areas of business as well, we might have saved some time with Risk-based testing due to unavailability of automation but why not increase our coverage for more confident releases. Using a sampling approach, we are comparing less than 1% of the data but there is no practical way to manually verify all of the data. Moving from one environment to another cause a lot of missing functionality with requiring more validation of features. Automate to compare every data set for any data migration activity, try to feed all possible permutations and the combination of data using automation, validate the feed on the messages.

Test automation is a cost-effective way of testing those changes which are stated as implemented correctly and following are some key notes to proceed with your automation.
• Choosing tools that best fit the requirement be it open source or commercial
• Automate tests that are going to be repeated at least 4 times during the product life cycle
• Write repeatable test independent of test data
• Everything can be automated but need to see is it worth spending time and starting off with Test Automation, identify the quick win and repeatable test cases as test candidates
• Keep the automation simple and integrated with the product so things changes at one place updates automation
• The data-driven automated testing methodology can return investment quickly
• Increase the repeatability of the test using the data set generated based on the schema agreed

Let’s rock on this summit with a new horizon of discussions.

    Pooja Sethi


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