Data and Analytics Driven Product Testing

Jul 5, 2019




As digital transformation is rapidly changing business operations, quality engineering also must
change from traditional quality control to intelligent quality assurance. Today clients’ not only
want to test software adequately, but also as early and thoroughly as possible. The tester must
also test across a plethora of devices and platform and network conditions.
When there’s no time to test everything, we base our tests on hunches. But hunches can result
in not testing key functionalities and/or environments that end up having a devastating effect on
quality of the product. The tester needs to shift from “Gut feel” driven testing to evidence based
testing which in other words mean adopt the practice of analyzing test data and test patterns
available to drive testing, shift testing left and predict the failures even before the applications
are handed over for testing.

    Surojeet Sengupta


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