Emerging Frontiers of Blockchain Security – Zero Knowledge Proofs, Ring Signatures and Privacy Preserving Contracts

Feb 1, 2019




Blockchain Security is an important concern in the current scenario. People store identities, transactions, records, assets, data sets and lot of financial and non-financial information on Blockchain based distributed and decentralized ledgers. By design, Blockchain provides a limited level of privacy and anonymity for the end users. In this age, when the demand for data integrity, data privacy, data protection and data security are very high, this is not sufficient. In addition, the Smart Contracts, Consensus Algorithms and Decentralized Apps are threatened by numerous vulnerabilities and systemic threats and deficiencies. This is the reason why privacy preserving smart contracts, zero knowledge proofs, ring signatures and trusted execution environments are gaining paramount importance. This session delves deeper into the finer nuances of Blockchain Privacy Protection Platforms such as Monero, ZCash, Enigma and a few other emerging protocols. This sessions also talks about how Post Quantum Cryptography Protocols can secure Blockchains against the emerging threats of Quantum Computers.

  • Clavent
    Gokul Alex


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