Keynote Talk: Digital Transformation: navigating the future of testing

Apr 2, 2019



The new wave of digital disruption forces customers to exploit IT in order to create new sources of customer value as well as increase their operational agility. As a result, agile methodologies and DevOps need to be adopted to help reduce delivery cycle times significantly. How is software testing affected? What will the test organization of tomorrow look like? What is the impact on service providers, test approaches and test frameworks? Join Thomas Hadorn as he shares this perspective on an IT world where continuous testing dictates the future. Join and learn about the Big 4 requirements in the future of testing.


Learning outcomes

  •  Learn about the shift in the testing's currency. From the number of test cases to risk coverage. While today’s KPIs in testing base mostly on numbers of test cases, future KPIs will refer to the risk coverage that testing achieves.
  •  Learn about the shift left of test automation. Test automation is key to increase speed-to-market, and thereby needs to kick in early. It requires stable UI automation and, even more important, API test automation.
  •  Learn about the necessity for service virtualization. Complex system-aggregates require decoupling for testing purposes. Service virtualization will evolve from dump stubbing to orchestrated scenario virtualization.
  •  Learn about the rise of test data management. Everybody knows the issue and all testers have suffered from it, i.e. insufficient test data. Hence, addressing extreme regions of test automation requires full test data control.
  •  Learn how to ensure that your enterprise is doing its best to maximize its testing capabilities within a limited amount of time.
    Thomas Hadorn


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