Securing IoT with Blockchain and AI

Feb 1, 2019




This is the first time in modern history that three transformational technologies have emerged in the same generation, and it’s a taste of things to come.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) represent a transformational opportunity for the enterprises today. Alone, any of these three would have the power to alter business, leisure and society but together their transformative impact will be truly unprecedented.

In this session, we will explore:

A brief introduction of IoT, AI and Blockchain

How AI, Blockchain and IoT fit together in today’s technology and business landscape

How these three provide businesses a chance to:

-Radically streamline and enhance existing processes

-Create entirely new Business models, innovative products and services for modern consumers

-Solve some of the traditional problems in a modern way and get the edge

Industry Use-Cases – High technology Mfg. and Automotive

Getting there and current Barriers of adoption

My personal consulting experiences with various Clients providing solution using these three technologies

Key Takeaway for Audiences:

Clear Understanding of the three transformational technologies – Blockchain, IoT and AI

Clear Understanding of how these three fit together and become exponentially more powerful than they are alone

How these align with the existing business processes and how they break and rebuild some

How it can help enterprises to derive unprecedented business value than seen in traditional technology world earlier

What can business do to adopt or prepare for adoption of these technologies

Simplified Understanding through sample application of these three in two industries – High technology Mfg. and Automotive

Insights into Real-world requirements, use-cases and Clients expectations from my personal consulting experience

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    Chandni Arora

    Hitachi Consulting

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