Top 10 Automation Testing Tools

With an increase in the demand and adoption of DevOps and Agile methodologies, the software testing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Test Automation is gaining lots of traction as there is very little time left to perform testing. The automation testing tools offer not only intelligent automation but also provide smart analytics to address any testing challenges.

We have listed top automation testing tools that are mostly used by QA professionals. Here is a list of top 10 automation testing tools and frameworks that can improve your software testing tools outcomes significantly:

Ranorex Studio

The foremost entry into the software testing tools list is the Ranorex Studio. More than 4000 companies all across the globe use Ranorex Studio for its all-round functionality. Ranorex Studio is the ideal solution for web applications, desktop applications, and mobile app testing. Beginners could find Ranorex Studio very helpful due to its codeless nature.

QMetry Automation Studio

The next entry among the automation testing tools is QMetry Automation Studio. QAS is the leading software testing tool that is created on Eclipse Integrated Development Environment(IDE) and notable open sources frameworks such as Selenium and Appium. QAS offers better organization, efficiency, and reusability for the purpose of automation tasks.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is one of the automated testing tools for web applications that also encompasses API and mobile app testing. The comprehensive ranges of feature in the Katalon Studio, such as creating test cases, result reporting, execution of tests, and recording actions. Moreover, you could also avail features such as reporting results, generation of test scripts, and integration with other tools across the software development life cycle.


Squish is one of the new automation testing tools, which is having its client’s base ranging from 3000 companies all across the globe. The main features of this tool include comprehensive supports for all major GUI technologies, test script recording, and limited reliance on visual appearance or the screenshots. Moreover, it is a reliable option, along with the major server-side automation testing tools.


LEAPWORK automation platform is also one of the popular additions among the renowned automation testing tools. The capability of the LEAPWORK automation platform is suitable for improving the automation of tests and processes through various knowledge’s. It helps users to build and execute automation cases from the starting date with a designer relying on the flowcharts.


TestComplete is also one of the formidable names among the automation testing tools. The tool helps in building and executing functional UI tests with the support of the effective record and replay features. TestComplete also provides the functionality of scripting tests in languages such as VBScript, JavaScript, and Python.


Experitest is one of the renowned names among the automated testing tools for cross-browser and mobile app testing. The key features of the Experitest include the facility of support for around 2000 real browsers and mobile devices. It also offers compatibility with open source tools like the Appiuum and Selenium, thus ensuring better inter-platform testing.

Testsigma is a pioneer in this list of automation testing tools, which is ideal for the emerging Agile and DevOps market. It relies on the AI for test automation, which offers a reliable test automation ecosystem and addressing the continuous delivery requirements. The approach towards a market-driven automated testing tool is very interesting and could be the indicator of long term prospects.


Qualibrate is a contemporary solution for the test automation that can transform the approaches for the documentation and testing web application and SAP. Moreover, it also offers the benefits of creating training and documentation for the end-users. The design of Qualibrate primarily aims at increasing the simplicity and accessibility of the test automation for non-technical users.


Worksoft is presently one of the reliable automation tools in the industry, especially for the DevOps and Agile, continuous automation platforms. It offers support for the cloud and web applications having pre-defines, unique optimizations for more than 250 generally used web and cloud-based applications.

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