7 Reasons you need workflow automation

Don’t you want to get the most out of your automating workflows software? If your workflow software is agile enough, then you can use it for far more than the typical HR and document management tasks that so companies use it for.

Automating workflows are not just about doing things faster and easier but also doing things better. Well, designed workflows can help to reduce errors and collect valuable data along the way – data that can be used for better budget planning, more effective customer tracking, and even faster recovery when disaster strikes. So, here are the 7 automating workflows use cases:

  • Automatic Approval or Eligibility Evaluation

Do small purchase orders really need departmental approval? If not, your purchase order workflow can be made to automatically evaluate conditions to make sure that only purchases greater than a certain threshold amount be sent for the departmental approval. And should use try to game the system by submitting a series of just under the threshold purchases; the system can evaluate the number of purchase orders started by the same person with a defined time period and proceed accordingly.


  • IT Support Tickets

Maybe your IT team consists of a single person hired to make sure that your computers and devices all work as intended. Even so, with the help of using workflow software to create an IT ticket system with online forms for users to describe their problems is smart. Not only are there no chances of losing requests, but your IT person can also collect valuable data and can help inform the future IT purchases or even make the business use case for hiring an additional IT worker.


  • Submission of Tweets to Your Social Media Manager

If you have a social media team, it is often best to have a single person in charge of posting social media messages, Tweets, and the Like. A simple online form submitting Tweets to the social media managers makes sure that all of them meet specifications and that they are posted strategically at the time when they are likeliest to receive the attention they deserve. Such forms can also be valuable as should an old social media channel post need to be retrieved or taken down later on.


  • A Disaster Recovery Workflow

Let’s suppose that your company experiences a natural disaster, break-in, or data breach. It is so much surprising and too difficult to know what to do first. But establishing a disaster recovery workflow can help. Such a workflow can walk users through essential steps, like bringing in extra staff, calling authorities, and contacting insurers. Too many businesses put disaster recovery on a back burner and are then caught out once something actually really happens.


  • Managing Accounts Receivable

An automated workflow that flags AR items that are more than 30 days old can make sure that no accounts slip through the cracks and end up being written off. For example, when an account reaches the 30-days threshold, a reminder can be sent to an AR team member to contact the customer by email. When an account reaches a 60- or 90-days threshold, the workflow can prompt a team member to follow up by phone or certified mail in an attempt to collect all the money owed to you.


  • Communication in distributed systems

Distributed systems become the new normal in Information Technology. Distributed Systems are complicated because of the eight fallacies of distributed computing. Most developers are not yet aware of the magnitude of changes coming due to the fact that remote communication is unreliable, that faults have to be accepted and that you exchange your transactional guarantees with eventual consistency.


  • Orchestration

Modern architectures are all about decomposition that is into server-less or microservices functions. When you have many small components doing one thing well, you are forced to connect the dots to implement the real use cases. This is where orchestration plays a big role. It basically allows the invoking components in a certain sequence.

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