Clavent’s Blockchain 3.0 Summit Sets Real Life experiences for the Blockchain Industry


Clavent’s Blockchain 3.0 Summit Sets Real Life experiences for the Blockchain Industry

Clavent held a conference on the 28th of February 2020 around Blockchain technology and how the technology is bringing disruption across industries and building smarter ways to manage any transactional process with the least friction. Titled “Blockchain 3.0 Summit,” the conference attracted a plethora of speakers, industry experts, emerging startups, and attendees from across the country and abroad.

The summit began with a keynote session by Anand Prakash Jangid, CEO of AJA, who spoke on the state of Blockchain- Disrupting Finance and Audit. This session proved to be a head-turner and set the stage for all that was to follow. Ravi Jagannathan, President, and CEO at KrypC, focussed his talk on Viable Blockchain Use Cases and their implementation. Focusing on how effectively Enterprises can leverage this technology as a differentiator.

Aditya Sinha, Investment Banking Analyst, Leading Investment Bank drew from his extensive 25 years of experience with design and development organizations including Bank of America, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Dept of Energy to stress the Blockchain and its potential and current use-cases in finance, operations, and data storage.

The audience was enthralled with another facet of Blockchain application when Chandni Arora, Solution Architect – Supply Chain Digital, Hitachi Consulting, spoke of leveraging Blockchain with IoT and AI – the game-changing trio. Tanish Mathur, Assistant Vice President, Multinational Bank, spoke on the Blockchain and attainment of Sustainable Development Goals. He opined that there was an increasing need to provide privacy-preserving smart, sustainable contracts and trusted execution environments to the end-users in today’s world

Divya Gupta Lamba, Program Manager, Societe Generale spoke to the attendees about the Blockchain for KYC Data and Document Sharing, where she relates various Problems in Finance industry as various use cases for DLT applicability + Zoom on KYC Blockchain Use cases.

Dipankar Bose, Product Manager, Bosch held a session on the Blockchain & AI-based chatbot for Research Analysts in Investment Banks and focussed on how the blockchain/AI based chatbot creates AI-powered virtual assistants that help to integrate various disparate platforms of data collection by analysts coupled with AI/ML as well as voice-to-text and sentiment analyzer for better decision making.

Sessions by Prasoon Mukherjee, Unit Head, Societe Generale focussed on building Banking on Blockchain beyond Currencies. Prasoon also provided the audience with precious insights into the application of DLT on the front, middle & back-office systems of banks.

The afternoon tome of the summit witnessed new talks on some real-life application examples for Blockchain adopters. Vijay Kumar, a Digital Consultant, AI & Blockchain Startup, spoke of how New Tech, New Threats: Understanding the Security of Blockchain, focused more on the evolution of security, Blockchain Security landscape and how data security is going to evolve with the growing adoption of Blockchain.

The conference concluded with an extremely interactive and enthusiastic panel discussion moderated by Dilip Saha, the Head of Engineering, Robert Bosch, on Envisioning Governance Model for truly Decentralized System. Blockchain 3.0 Bangalore received great feedback from its speakers and attendees and can be viewed on the website.